Reclaiming Blingdenstone Playtest

Exploring the Wormwrithings

Our most noble party continued into the Wormwrithings with one goal in mind: wealth!

Er… no.. that’s not quite right… Oh yes! Our most noble party continued into the Wormwrithings with one goal in mind: to recover singing crystals for Gurmadden. With those stones, Gurmadden would be able to restore site of The Singing Stones to its former glory.

With that in mind, our adventurers wandered through the Wormwrithings with the help of Miglin, their guide. They put down quite a few kobolds, and managed to wrack up a considerable amount of loot on the way (some citrine and gold nuggets were found and distributed). There were two issues marring the otherwise happily bloody adventure: the constant traps (which were either leaped aside by our resident Acrobat/Monk), and the blind/enraged ogre who put a hurt on the party’s resident druid. In one blow she took his bear form from near full health to negative hitpoints. Luckily, the rest of the crew rallied around the shapeshifted druid and managed to both slay the ogre and heal Greyfire back to a semblance of health.

Upon returning to Blingdenstone (curiously, they avoided closing the passage leading to the Wormwrithings, from which all of the kobolds were coming out), they were treated to a crystal concert which they themselves couldn’t really enjoy, but at least they got the consolation prize of the seeing the other deep gnomes happy.



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