Reclaiming Blingdenstone Playtest

Introductions and Kobold Hunting

The party was hired by Svirfneblin (hereafter referred to as deep gnomes) to help reclaim Blingdenstone, a town formerly occupied by thousands of deep gnomes. Once they arrived in the ruins of the former town, they started out by going to the headquarters of the deep gnome expedition (outside the temple of Segojan Earthcaller) to talk to Burrow Warden Kargien Dissengulp. Kargien impressed upon the party the importance of going to the House Center and reclaiming the crown of the old deep gnome kings.

The party very quickly ascertained that, while he didn’t specifically say this, Kargien’s primary motivation to get the crown is to use it for himself. They suspect that Kargien wants to be the new king of Blingdenstone once they clean up the place. The fact that Kargien is wearing a very ostentatious medallion made of emerald only adds to that feeling.

After telling Kargien they’d see what they could do, our “noble” adventurers headed out to do some digging on Kargien. The doubled back to the dilapidated “Phantasmal Glamours” shop to talk to Henkala Shadowsong, the proprietor. After getting her opinion on Kargien (she’s not much of a fan), they also discovered that she wants the adventurers to remove an elemental spirit (Ogremoch’s Bane) from the Miner’s Hall of Blingdenstone. She recommends talking with the pechs for help.

Instead of doing either of the two wonderful possibilities laid out for them, the party instead decided to wander a bit more around the town, and discovered a large cavern that contained on the east side a circle of stones. The went there to talk to anyone they could find, and discovered a glum deep gnome priest named Pingtu. He wanted the adventurers to help him restore the cairn. They agreed to help and Pingtu summoned the ghost of his former master, Bendekik. Bendekik told them this:

Seven stones stand and silently mourn.
Seven gods weep in the Golden Hills.
Here, many drow did break my form,
But seven my wrath left still.
Seventy times seven years the stones stand,
Unless seven bright stones from Earthcaller’s hand,
Seven sweet prayers of the Golden Land,
And seven shattered arms of the drow band
Are offered here, by my command.

Pingtu told the party that they need to gather 7 different colored stones:

  • Amethyst
  • Aquamarine
  • Citrine
  • Emerald
  • Fire Opal
  • Ruby
  • Sapphire

He offered the use of his aquamarine for the ritual.

As the party only knew of two stone locations thus far, they decided to go to the western part of the cavern and head into the old tavern, “The Singing Stones”. Once inside they found a young bard, Gurmadden Stonesinger, who immediately begged them to help with recovering new crystals to make the stones sing again. The adventurers agreed and, after grabbing a pickaxe from the local quartermaster (who wants them to trade duergar for more weapons), headed into the Wormwrithings to hunt for crystals.

Almost immediately, our stalwart heroes encountered kobold traps and hints of kobold habitation. They managed to bypass the traps, but managed to fall prey to one trap near a singing crystal they tried to mine. Luckily, Baer (our monk) managed to dodge out of the way of the trap and the kobolds, having lost the element of surprise, were quickly dispatched.

All that remains for the party is to get 5 more crystals and get back out of the Wormwrithings.

Party’s current path:

Blingdenstone trek



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